About Me

Hi, I am Abhinav, welcome to my nature blog. I am a web designer from Kerala.

I started this blog in December 2011 on a Blogspot sub-domain to share random snaps of flowers and plants around me. Later, it helped me to find my interest in nature photography. You can find more about it at my other website – PhotoValiant.

About this Blog

In the modern world, people are spending lesser time outdoors than earlier. However, a few hours in the lap of Nature can effectively rejuvenates our minds. Studies have also proven the same. Knowing diversity around us can take you a step closer to Mother Nature.

In places like India, from ancient times itself, our previous generations had a wealth of knowledge about the significance of plants in the life of humans. However, today many of the valuable species are destroyed because we are often ignorant of how valuable they are. Ignorance often paves way for destruction.

So this website is a humble step to get familiarized with the Nature around us. Here you can find information about the following:

  • Flowers, plants & trees – photos, details, how they are significant
  • Native biodiversity of India
  • Traditional knowledge about plants in our cultures
  • Ornamental Plants & occasional tips on gardening in India